Viber adds note reminders and community message stats

Version 14.1, platform: iOS, released on the 1st of November

Never was a big fan of Viber but I definitely like the new features and the way they make the release notes. Just look at this (never mind the style, it’s the output of my monitoring script): how nice are the instructions. “Tap to do X, long tap to do Y”. Vendors EXTREMELY rarely explain how to use their new stuff in the apps (which is weird). Anw, thanks, Viber team, you saved a lot of time for me.

To the features… Now you can set reminders in My Notes:

…and optionally make them recurring with a specific period:

Another major thing is community messages statistics. Sorry, I don’t have any active communities in Viber but it’s easy to understand how it’s supposed to work anyway. Tap Info in the menu:

…and get the numbers (0 in my case lol):

I write NodeJS scripts to monitor app updates. Reach out if you need help with keeping an eye on your competitors.