Multiple pinned messages, playlists, better live locations & more in updated Telegram

One of the reasons I love Telegram is their product blog with very detailed description of the releases, with screenshots and how-to’s. That’s what Google should do for their products and what they (sadly) don’t do. So if you’re using Telegram yourself you might have already read everything about their latest update but in case you don’t, I’ve tested new features myself and here’s the summary.

Disclaimer: iOS and Android UI is pretty much the same so below you’ll see a mix of screenshots from different platforms. Btw, Android release happened 1 day before iOS which is understandable — there are roughly x3 more Telegram users on Android than on iOS.

OK, the update. You can pin multiple messages: a small “pin” icon will appear on them in the chat and all the messages will be collected in a top bar.

Single tap on this bar will switch you between pinned messages (check the tiny vertical bars on the left). The app will scroll up or down to this message and highlight it. Btw, there’s a bug. Check the screenshot: I’ve selected pinned message #1 and the app highlights #2 instead. The bug is valid for both platforms so I bet they share the same codebase:

Tap on the icon on the right to open a dedicated page with all the pinned messages in this chat:

Live locations are updated as well. The main change is that now you can see the sight direction of a person that shares the location with you. I checked it a couple of times — it’s not always accurate but this is expected. Even Google maps are not always accurate on that…

You can edit images sent to you by your friends: add stickers and annotations, just like in Telegram stories, and send them back. Looks funny indeed. Maybe also useful as you can highlight something on an image — let’s say if you are chatting with a designer and want to ask them to change smth.

PS: There are some more minor updates like Halloween stickers and new emojis+ the detailed stats for individual posts in channels which I can’t test right now as I’m currently not running any Telegram channels (phps I should :)).

My name’s Andrei, I’m a fullstack product manager. I write NodeJS scripts to monitor app updates. Reach out if you need help with keeping an eye on your competitors.

Fullstack Product Manager. I write NodeJS scripts to monitor app updates. Reach out if you need help with keeping an eye on your competitors.