Version 14.1, platform: iOS, released on the 1st of November

Never was a big fan of Viber but I definitely like the new features and the way they make the release notes. Just look at this (never mind the style, it’s the output of my monitoring script): how nice are…

It’s not a mobile release and I noticed it on my personal Facebook page without any automation scripts but it’s definitely worth mentioning.

Now users can reply to replies in threads, creating the 3rd level of comments. Check the lines on the left, they help to navigate through. I know that new Facebook UI is hated by many but to me this new feature looks amazing:

Platform: iOS, released 28th of October

Looks like Deezer’s Flow and SongCatcher widgets introduced last week appeared to be successful, so they released another one:

That’s how it looks on the screen once added:

iOS only, v.4.61.0, released 26th Oct

Outlook has iOS 14 widgets now too — not with new emails though but with calendar events. Adding one you choose from 3 sizes:

Once added, a big one can show up to 5 events, medium — up to 3 events and a small…

Platform: iOS only, released 26th of Oct

This piece of news is not exclusive for my blog cause Pinterest issued a press release with screenshots but anyway, I couldn’t miss this one.

So adding a Pinterest widget you can choose between a small one and a big one. Medium one is not supported cause it’s not rectangular:

After you’ve added a widget, you can long tap on it to customize: choosing the board to show and how often to change the image. Note that you can choose from already saved boards only:

Platform: iOS only, released on 25th of October

Zoom has published a new release for iOS. I suspect that some features in this update are activated via remote configuration gradually and so far I don’t see all of them.

What I can’t see rn among announced features:

  • file uploading in the chat
  • e2e encryption
  • search in chat
  • customizing time before a scheduled meeting which invited persons are allowed to join before the host has
  • live Youtube streaming

A bunch of things indeed… But something is already live. Here are the custom ringtones, like in good ol’ times with polyphonic smartphones back in 2003:

…and MS Sharepoint integration for file sharing on meetings. It’s available, among all other options, in the Share Content menu at the bottom of the screen:

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Andrej Chepelev

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